About Val

Val Hood is an international medium now living in Australia, but still travelling world wide.  Her insightful personal readings and inspirational shows, tours and events bring hope and happiness to hundreds of bereaved people and their families every year.Val's Nan

She is passionate about people and about removing the fears surrounding mediumship and loss for people of all backgrounds. Val is often also to be found in the press and radio, as well as being featured on TV.

Having spiritual gifts and the power to connect with others, has led Val to being called in to help various organisations, social groups and others. She is regularly in demand to carry out everything from war memorial group sittings to helping landlords with haunted homes and pubs.

Val began demonstrating the positive and compassionate application of her gifts in front of tiny audiences in spiritualist churches in the late 1990’s. Today her audiences are much more substantial. She continues to serve churches, conducts private sittings, group bookings and teaches spiritual development.

"I never intended to become a medium initially. I attended a spiritualist college to learn about it but it has now become a vital element in my life. Contacting departed loved ones is not sinister or morbid. Often there is fun and humour - and for me it is part of everyday life. I have been "seeing" my grandmother (pictured here) since the age of 8 which is when she died! When I was 12 I woke one night to find her tending one of my sisters who was ill at the time. Love continues to flow after death and my role is to give people the contact they need to reconcile themselves with their loss and make sense of those former relationships."

Val has been a frequent visitor at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, as a student. She is a class B member of the Spiritualist National Union and currently working through certificates of recognition with the Union.

Val receives letters, calls and emails after every public appearance from people claiming lasting emotional benefit from her work.