Welcome to my world!

I would like to thank you all for visiting and being interested in the work that I do with and for Spirit.  It is an amazing task to be able to connect the two worlds, being that bridge, to link people to their loved ones who have passed over.  Evidential mediumship is very important but those messages of hope, comfort, love are also very important. 

Spiritual Counselling is becoming more and more the thing that people are wanting  and there is such satisfaction is knowing that our guides / helpers / loved ones are watching over us and helping when and where they can - how amazing!

Many more people are realising this and even the sceptics out there are not quite so sceptic.

Also now doing SKYPE & PHONE readings.


Val in Sydney, Australia 



Wangaratta Spiritual Centre
Now being Run by Ray Steadman and Sue Jenkins
Meets last Thursday of the month
7pm at CVGT Rooms, Post Office Arcade, Wangaratta
Come and join with like minded spiritual people to learn, share and heal
Library of books

See you there

As a Clairvoyant Medium, Val never loses sight of the reason for being here. As a medium her job is to prove that life is eternal and there is no death, we are just a thin veil away from our loved ones. Val realised from an early age that there had to be more to life..... 

For more info go to About Val...  also find Val on Face Book and Skype
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